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The Sensory Sessions run our popular sensory development class across venues in Edinburgh and Midlothian and we’d love to welcome you along to our sessions. In this post today, we thought we’d tell you a little more about what happens in our sessions.

Our classes are 50 minutes long, the perfect amount of time for a baby, and are split into two sections, a led play session and an exploratory session. When you arrive at our classes you and your little one will be welcomed by our class leader who will help you settle in and find yourself a place on a mat. We’ll explain to you our format, the theme for our class and timings. Our classes are all themed so you can discover classes such as under the sea, cowboy week, pet week and visual development week at our sessions and each session uses some familiar toys, to build up memory and practice skills, and some new ones too. Our sessions have been developed by an occupational therapist trained in sensory development with babies and she trains our class leaders and is on hand to answer any questions that come up in our classes or in the community group so we are able to tailor our activities to any needs that your little one has.

The first half of our class is led play, we start by doing several activities together as a group. The activities are planned at a pace suitable for little ones and we do activities that work on our little one’s body scheme, visual development, introduce lots of textures and noises. We also look at their fine and gross motor skills.

We then give our little ones that all important rest, it is a great opportunity for you to meet your little one’s needs by feeding or changing as well as having a chat with your next door neighbour.

The second half of our class is exploratory play, we set up several different areas all based around our theme and talk you through activities to do in these areas. This helps with our sensory integration as we do activities that involve using lots of our senses together.

We end our classes doing calming activities together, to calm our sensory systems down at the end of our fun learning session together.

Our classes are all baby led, never worry about needing to feed or change, if your little one is tired or needs cuddles or you need to move around, we are completely used to it and it is not a problem for us to talk you through the activities at any point in a class. All of our equipment is cleaned between classes to ensure that it is sparkling clean for you to enjoy.

Do get in touch if you’d like any further information or if we can answer any of your questions. You are very welcome to join us for a free trial of a sensory development class in any of our locations, we’d love to welcome you along to play!

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Sensory Sessions Hoop Awards Finalist 2018

We’re very excited here at the Sensory Sessions HQ as we’ve been nominated as finalists for the 2018 Hoop Awards in the “Best for Babies Edinburgh” category.  In Hoop’s own words, these awards “celebrate and recognise the activity organisers and people that go above and beyond to entertain, educate and inspire children across Britain.” As we’re only 2 years old (we had our 2nd birthday party just a few weeks ago) this is a high accolade and hopefully reflects the hard work put in by all involved, and the kindness and loyalty of all our lovely Mums and Dads who bring their babies to our classes each week.  We hope to continue to rub-rub-rub tap-tap-tap along and see our wonderful babies develop and grow with us.


sensory play class edinburghOur glitter sensory bottles have been really popular in our classes over the past few weeks and we are looking forward to showing them to many more of the little ones still to attend our superhero sessions over the coming weeks. We have lots of enquiries about how to make them so thought we’d do a little post on it.

These bottles are perfect for little hands to hold and a glitter sensory bottle is such a good way of calming down a little one down, it is a relaxing visual activity, great at calming a stimulated child. Our glitter sensory bottles are full of sparkle and are really easy to make.

sensory play Edinburgh

The bottles use 2 ingredients – glitter glue and water.

To make them, boil a kettle and leave it to cool. Mix 60ml of glitter glue with the same amount of warm water in a measuring jug. Stir the mixture until there is no evidence of the glue and it is a watery/sparkly mixture (this only takes a minute or two). Pour the sparkly mixture into your bottle and allow it to cool down completely before topping the bottle up with cold water. Once you are sure that the glitter moves in the jar, seal the lid with glue.The glitter glue we used for our bottles was from glitz it and one bottle of their glitter makes 2 sensory bottles.

If your glitter mixture doesn’t move, pour it back into your measuring jug, add some more water and stir it again. Once you have the glitter more mobile you can move it back into your bottle. The glitter settles when the bottle is not in use but it is easy to activate it again by shaking. We’ve made up glitter sensory bottles in purple, pink, silver, gold, green, copper and blue and the colours have all worked well.

glitter sensory bottle

Please make sure that you never leave your little one unattended with their glitter sensory bottle, we glue our bottles closed in class but do make sure that those bottle tops are going nowhere near mouths. Enjoy watching them being fascinated by the glitter it really does help their concentration levels and is a lovely calming visual activity.





Sensory play is amazing and it has so many benefits for our little ones!

Research has shown that it helps children build pathways in their brain that are associated with complex learning tasks and that it is crucial to brain development. So coming along to class and doing some of the activities at home are really benefiting your little one’s brain development.

sensory play EdinburghWhen we plan all of our classes we consider the eight developing senses of our babies and toddlers attending class as well as their gross motor movement and fine finger control and we make sure that at each session we give our little ones the opportunity to engage each sense. We theme our classes so you’ll find each one different within our familiar format of led play and exploratory play.

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Our classes have been developed by an occupational therapist trained in sensory integration with babies and are backed by research and evidence. Our class leaders have received intensive trainings and follow class plans.

We love to give you lots of information at class about how to continue this at home and we are looking forward to launching our range of child development printable next month that gives you lots of advice and activities to do. You also get the opportunity to join our community group to access information on our classes.

Please do get in touch if you need any further information from us!



The Sensory Sessions in Leith

On Tuesdays you’ll find our sensory play classes hanging out in Leith. We run our classes from the Duke Street United Reformed Church, 108 Duke Street, Leith, EH6 8HL.

We have classes for both babies and toddlers in Leith, with the toddlers aged 1 to 3 years playing at 10am, and our  babies up to 12 months have a classes at 11.10am and 1pm.

The Duke Street venue benefits from a secure entry system,  plenty of space for your prams and changing bags and a lovely large and bright hall.

Our sensory play classes are colourful, themed and each class focuses on your little one’s sensory development. We’ll give you lots of information on play and child development and lots of ideas of activities that you can do at home too. You’ll also join a community of new parents in Edinburgh sharing information and arranging meet ups. You can book onto any of our classes by visiting our booking site.

We’d love to welcome you along to our sensory play classes in Leith!