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We are delighted to be bringing our sensory play classes for babies to Midlothian in our Autumn term. Our new classes are running at Bonnyrigg Guide Hall on a Monday Morning, at Penicuik North Kirk on a Tuesday morning and at the Restoration Yard in Dalkeith Country Park on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our classes are fun, colourful and focused around sensory play and child development. You’ll have lots of opportunities to share new experiences with your little one which is amazing for bonding. Our hope is that we can give you information and ideas at class that you can carry on at home too.

You can book 2 trial classes or join us for the full term and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information. You can view our sensory play classes in Midlothian and our full class timetable on our booking site.

We’d love to welcome you along!

baby class LeithOn Tuesdays you’ll find our sensory play classes hanging out in Leith. We run our classes from Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street in the Cutting Room. The venue has the added benefit of a lovely cafe right outside the door of our room for coffee, lunch and cake before and after class.

Our Leith classes often have waiting lists and we’ve added some more classes to our timetable to help with this. From Autumn we’ll be running four classes including one for our toddlers.

baby class Leith

Our sensory play classes are colourful, themed and each class focuses on your little one’s sensory development. We’ll give you lots of information on play and child development and lots of ideas of activities that you can do at home too. You’ll also join a community of new parents in Edinburgh sharing information and arranging meet ups. You can book onto any of our classes by visiting our booking site.

We’d love to welcome you along to our sensory play classes in Leith!

This week in class we’ve been talking a lot about visual development during our black, white and red theme. We’ve got some ideas of black and white resources for playing with your baby to share with you that we find helpful and we’d love to hear about any resources that you discover too.

When our little ones are born they initially see in black and white (light and shade), the receptors that interpret colour start to interpret colour on a very basic level from about 3 months of age. We can really help them along by introducing them to high contrast images and fabrics that they can see in focus. This video from seeker daily explains how your little one’s vision develops

How Newborns See The World

Here’s how newborns see the world.

Posted by Seeker on Wednesday, 22 February 2017

They then work on developing the skills of teaming their eyes together and around the age of 4 or 5 months they start to work on developing their hand to eye co-ordination. Over the first year of life they are developing their colour scheme and we know that the first colours that they start to see are reds and yellows. By the age of two their visual systems are nearly fully developed with little ones being able to judge distance, identifying objects and discriminating items against backgrounds.

During our classes we have activities to work on lots of visual skills including focusing, tracking, teaming eyes together, visual discrimination, peripheral vision, binocular vision and hand to eye co-ordination and we’d love to share some ideas below on how to help your little one’s visual development.

How to incorporate black and white into play

Black and white books

We love high contrast books as they are a great way to introduce high contrast and they are perfect for tummy time. You can find books by companies like amazing baby  that are shown below, Marks and Spencer’s has a cardboard book range, one of which you saw in class this week, and the Wee Gallery do some lovely contrast cards too.

Black & White Resources for playing with your baby

Black and white fabrics

Our favourite place for black and white fabrics is Ikea where you can buy a small section of a high contrast design fabric really cheaply and these are ideal for tummy time. They also do a little range of cushions and pillows too.

black and white fabrics

Black and white toys

We love our black, white & red chiffons, zebra & panda puppets and toys that have lots of different textures in. Here are a couple of suggestions

black and white baby toys

Our black and white contrast cards

We have developed a printable with black and white contrast cards and some ideas of how to use them that you are very welcome to print and use.

sensory sessions contrast cards

Have lots of fun with these black & white resources and do try to incorporate high contrast images for your little one’s visual development. As always please ensure that your little one is supervised with toys at all times – keep them at eye sight and arms reach to ensure that they are safe.

Have a great week!


Sensory Play Baby Class in InverleithWe are excited to be launching lots of new classes in our Autumn term and on a Monday afternoon you’ll find our sensory play baby class in Inverleith! We will be at the lovely St Surf’s Church in Inverleith on a Monday afternoon from 1.30pm and we’d love to welcome you along to our class. Our sensory play programme is for babies under the age of one and we are running two classes, one for babies from birth to sitting and the second class is for little ones with sitting balance until they are on the move. Our sensory play classes are full of colourful toys, amazing themes and we give you lots of information on child development too. Classes can be booked online.

Please do get in touch if we can provide you with any information on any of our classes, we’d love to welcome to see you there!

sensory class liberton

Sensory play baby class in Liberton

We run our sensory play baby class in Liberton Kirk Centre on a Wednesday morning. We meet at 10am or at 11.10am and the benefit of Liberton class is that it has an amazing little cafe that you can relax in after class.

Our classes are baby led, colourful and focus on your baby’s sensory development. You’ll learn about your little one’s development while meeting our amazing group of new parents.

We’d love you to consider joining us at our baby class in Liberton, you can find our more about our classes on our sensory play page or please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any information on our classes, booking information is available here

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