The Sensory Sessions – baby class Davidsons Mains Edinburgh

baby sensory class davidsons mains

We have a new class announcement which we are very excited to share with you! We are bringing our sensory play classes for babies to Davidsons Mains after the Easter break. Our classes are in Davidsons Mains Parish Church Hall on a Tuesday afternoon and they start on Tuesday 12th of April. We have 2 classes running depending on the age of your baby and our classes are packed full of fun activities which focus on your babies development. Each class has a theme and includes activities to help your baby’s visual skills, tracking, co-ordination, motor skills, concentration, balance, hearing and body positioning. Our classes follow a play/rest pattern to ensure that our babies remain comfortable and don’t become overstimulated by the activities.

We’d love you to come join our occupational therapist at a class, bookings can be made at our booking site.