Sensory Play Sessions – Baby Classes

sensory play class for babies in Edinburgh

Our Sensory Play classes for babies run across Edinburgh & The Lothians.

When our little ones are born, the areas in their brain that process sensory information are not yet connected so playing in a sensory rich way is an evidence based way of helping them make lots of new brain connections.

Sensory activities help aid development and you’ll love interacting with your baby as you share¬†new and exciting experiences. Our sensory play classes have been developed to stimulate your baby or toddler’s sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing, balance and proprioception while encouraging creativity and exploration in a safe environment. Most of all though the classes are fun and interactive, helping you learn to interact positively with your little one.

quote - play is the highest form of research

The classes run weekly, you can start at any time in the term subject to space being available. You’ll come away with lots of ideas to continue supporting your child’s development at home. Each of our classes have a different theme. Our classes are split into two¬†stages, the first is for our littlest babies up until they are sitting. The second stage is for when they are sitting until they are on the move, once they are confident crawlers we can move them into our play session classes. We can move your little one between classes during a term, subject to space, and they are welcome to come to classes in the term after their 1st birthday. We make sure that our classes are suitable for all of our babies attending them.

Check our class timetable for information on upcoming classes and contact us for booking and availability. You can see what our parents think of our classes here

class photos from sensory sessions edinburgh