We have eight senses that are continually giving us information on the world around us and how we are moving in it.

When our little ones are born the areas in their brain that process sensory information are not yet ‘connected’ so playing in a sensory rich way not only helps them make sense of the world, it is developing little brains and creating opportunities for lots of new brain connections.

When we plan our classes, our occupational therapist ensures that there are opportunities for each of our little ones’ senses to be developed and throughout our class we give you strategies and ideas of activities that you can do at home too.

During our classes we ensure that we have a balance of activities to stimulate senses, repetition to make those brain connections stronger and that we pace and are baby led in our approach. Sensory play is evidenced to support language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction

In our printable we give a brief little overview of sensory processing, the eight senses and our foundation senses.

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Sensory play enhances learning through hands-on activities that stimulate the child’s senses. This is a great way for children to explore the world they live in!

The Sensory Series

We hope that you find our introduction to our senses printable helpful and please do contact us if you need further information on sensory development or our classes. We regularly post about sensory development, play and baby development, do check back or sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

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sensory play for babies

Sensory play is amazing and really beneficial for your little one, not only does it help them integrate their developing senses, it makes new brain connections, is a great way to bond with your baby and is a lot of fun.

We all have eight senses that we use all of the time to make sense of the world. They are the five senses that we commonly know about, our senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight and three body senses, proprioception, interception and vestibular senses.

Proprioception is our awareness of where our body is in space, our little one’s aren’t born knowing where their body is so activities that help their body scheme are really helpful for them.


We speak a lot through our sessions about why play is important for babies, how to start with play, what you can do and what activities are beneficial so we thought we’d start a little guide to get you started.

In part one in our little series, Lorna our occupational therapist,  gives you five reasons why play is important for your baby

  1. Play is amazing for brain development. Playing in a sensory rich way helps your little one engage their senses make lots of new brain connections and new neural pathways in their brain.
  2. Repeating activities through play makes those brain connections stronger. Every motor skill that we get is done through lots of repetition, learning through play keeps things interesting and fun while they learn lots of new skills.
  3. It helps you bond with your baby. Doing activities with your little one helps you bond with your baby, understand their cues and become more responsive in your parenting. Help their communication skills, preferences, inviting you to play
  4. Play is how we learn to move in space – body scheme, body awareness, and it is really important for motor control – sitting, standing, crawling, tummy time
  5. Play helps your baby integrate their developing senses, we all have eight senses which are working all the time to give us lots of information about our environment around us and how we are moving in it. Play is an amazing way of helping your little one learn to use their senses, your baby has an inbuilt need to learn!

If you would like any advice about playing with your baby, we’d love to welcome you along to play at any of our sessions. You can book your complimentary trial online for our sessions.

We are really excited to be bringing our classes to lots of new venues in our Spring Term and we’d love to welcome you along to play!

Our classes are baby led, colourful, themed, full of gorgeous resources, relaxed and full of lots of information on baby development. If you’d like to find out more about what happens in our classes do visit our website, we’d love to welcome you along to play!

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Our classes this term are running in….

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Out of 700 nominated businesses from all over the UK, The Sensory Sessions won the What’s on 4 Kids award for ‘best new activity for children’. We were so delighted to be considered as a finalist but we can’t begin to tell you how excited we were to come home with the gorgeous award. On top of this we were also selected as a finalist in the ‘Best Independent Activity for Babies’.

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