The Play Sessions – Toddler Sensory Play Classes

toddler sensory play Edinburgh

The play sessions is our toddler sensory play class programme which is especially for the little lively people in your lives! Our toddlers need lots of stimulation as they discover the world and our classes are designed to give them lots of opportunities to explore different sensory areas, do activities while sitting and standing and socialise with other little ones.

Our classes focus on sensory play with active activities, creative crafts, fine motor skills and lots of fun. Each class has a different theme and you are able to join the term at any time.

We are currently running two toddler sensory play classes a week  in Leith on a Tuesday – one at 10am and one at 2.30pm and places are available for booking now for our summer term.

The summer term finishes at the end of June, and we’ll be running our summer sessions for four weeks through July.  There will be a toddler class at 10am on a Tuesday morning in Leith during this period, and these sessions can be booked here.